Its the "New Normal" Teams/Riders,PLEASE READ

Cookstown club protocol for riders/teams at Cookstown 100 2020 Riders and teams attending event and paddock controls:-. Riders and teams attending the event will be limited to 130. All teams and riders will be strictly restricted to one vehicle per team to allow each team to be appropriately spaced out within the paddock and to allow social distancing. STRICTLY only One van & caravan or one race truck per rider/team will be permitted!! Vehicle pass with the registration number of vehicle and team and rider name filled in must be presented to security to gain access to the paddock. No exceptions will be made to allow more than one vehicle into paddock area per team /rider. No official vehicle pass, no access. All teams are restricted to 1 rider and 2 other personnel within their area (no exceptions will be made). Two rider teams are restricted to 2 riders and 4 other personnel within their area. (no exceptions will be made) . ALL competitors/teams MUST supply and bring their own face-covering/masks to the event. Also, hand sanitiser must be placed within the awning area/ competitor area provided by competitor/team. ALL riders and teams must use the main paddock in 2020, paddock 2 is not available to any rider. Only one person from each team will be allowed in the signalling area during the race for social distancing reasons. Face covering/mask MUST be worn in this area at all times. Only one person from each team will be allowed on the grid prior to the start of the race. Face covering/ mask MUST be worn by team personnel at all times while on the grid. . All riders and personnel will have to show access pass to security at paddock entrances to gain access to the paddock area. Riders will form a queue in the paddock in the designated area, 2 metres from the rider in front, rather than be grouped up in a holding area. Tyre warmers etc can be used at this point and riders will be given a clear instruction that gate will open within two minutes. At this point, riders will proceed straight into their warm-up laps. When forming on the grid after warm-up laps, one team personnel will be able to speak to the rider on the grid. If a rider has a problem on warm-up laps he must enter the paddock again. No tyre changes or tyre warmers etc will be allowed on the grid. If circumstances mean tyres need to be changed due to weather change etc, all riders will be instructed to enter paddock again and a delay will be required. No work can be done on a bike while a rider is on the grid. Riders and teams will be given information displayed in the paddock at the entrance to the race office. Timesheets and grid sheets will be displayed on a notice cabinet to limit access to race office throughout the event. Podium Presentations will be restricted to allow social distancing. Riders briefing will this year be done via tannoy system rather than being called in front of the race office area to make sure social distancing regulations are followed. COC will provide a copy of briefing in riders envelope which is collected at sign-on, but riders must also listen to the vocal briefing as weather conditions etc need to be addressed on both mornings of event. Competitors and teams to follow social distancing regulations throughout the event within the paddock area. .All competitors and teams MUST provide all details, (which must include name, address and telephone numbers) of that personnel accompanying them at the event. RACE office & sign-on procedures:-. Competitors will have limited access to the race office area throughout the event. The area will be controlled by security staff, who will control the numbers allowed in the area at any one time. Only 2 competitors at any one time can gain access to the race office area and must comply with social distancing regulations. When in race office competitors must obey the social distancing regulations. Riders MUST sign on both mornings of the event. All riders MUST complete a COVID declaration form before signing on with race secretary each morning. Riders are asked to bring their own pens. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the race office area. Protective screens will be in place within the race office. The disinfectant will be in race office to clean surfaces and other items. Competitors must not make trips to the race office unless necessary. Times and grid positions will be displayed within the paddock. Competitors will be given race secretary /assistant secretary’s mobile number within the envelope, so they can contact them instead of making unnecessary trips to race office throughout the event. Scrutineering:-. All riders must present their bike by themselves. Leathers to be wore and helmet available for inspection. . Riders to bring own stand to scrutineering. Riders will form a queue 2 metres behind the competitor in front, to ensure social distancing is followed, only the rider to be in this queue. Gloves will be placed at the entrance to scrutineering and each rider must make use of these before entering scrutineering. . When in scrutineering, rider places bike on stand and moves to a designated area away from the bike as it is checked. A helmet can also be left with the bike to be checked. The scrutineer will give helmet to the rider to put on. Rider must pull the visor down to create a shield when this is done the scrutineer will proceed to test fitting of helmet. . Gloves and masks must be worn by each competitor before scrutineer will proceed to inspect his leathers. . Gloves to be disposed of in bin provided after all inspections take place. . Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray will also be provided within the scrutineering area. .Any team/rider who does not follow these protocols may be asked to leave the event, no exceptions will be made. 2020 KDM Hire Cookstown100 Race Paddock Information PLEASE READ; The ONLY Persons to be allowed into the Race Paddock are; Riders, Mechanics, Medics, Scrutineers, Trade Personnel & Race Officials NO Other persons, unless documented, are/will be allowed into the Race Paddock. Those NOT ALLOWED into the race paddock include; General Public, Media, Friends of competitors/teams etc. The whole of the Race Paddock has now being accounted for,( Mechanics details to be provided closer to race date) As of speaking now, We are unable to make any changes to this list We Cannot Emphasise Strongly enough. These rules are not of the Clubs makings! PLEASE UNDERSTAND, we Must work within the parameters laid down by The Government, Sport NI etc, to bring to everyone, the ONLY road race here in Ireland in 2020 Thank You John Dillon CDMCC

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